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sábado, 23 de marzo de 2013

My class reflection

I found Educational technology very practical because I think I learnt and improved my skills by creating. Another thing amazing is that I’m involved more on my learning style and my teaching perspective. Also now I’m more creative and I like it. So far I know how to use different tools like glogster, blogger, prezzi, mindomo, postcasting, wiki, etc. Once I didn’t bring my laptop on classes when the teacher was explaining how to use templates, then I got confuse in use it. That is the only difficult I had. I hope to use some of these in my teaching practice. I think I’ll use more prezzi and glogster for my presentations. I really like the EdTech classes.

My Weblog Presentation

Nowadays weblogs is such a useful and powerful tool in teaching. It is a web site that allows an author to share whatever he want and lets other people to collaborate in addition, it helps students to learn easily and to make classes less boring by sharing their creations. Also, it makes students to develop different skills such as analytical thinking, they become more creative, intuitive, and so on.

 There are some Instructional Methods I think fit well in this course. Firstly, I think tutorial is important because it shows us how to use different kind of tools, as a consequence without this method we students won’t be able to use any of these tools. Secondly, I chose drill and practice because from my point of view practice is the best way of learning. Thirdly, I chose discovering for its important role in learning. To illustrate, if the teacher for whatever reason couldn´t go to class, use this method is the best way of try to learning by ourselves. In short, these three methods are can support this course.

miércoles, 13 de marzo de 2013

My glogster presentation

This is my glogster presentation, which was part of the second partial. In this presentation I put a scenario and I chose two instuctional methods from ten to develop the scenario.

Prezi presentation

This is my prezi presentation, which was the first I handed in. In this presentation I explain the relationship among the role of media, teaching perspectives, and learning styles in education.